Jeff Rollins

Jeff RollinsJEFF ROLLINS is a 30-year broadcaster who has worked in radio stations from  San Francisco  to   Washington   DC   . He has a degree in theatre from   Maryland   University  and has performed classic roles from Neil Simon to Shakespeare. Jeff is a mediocre golfer, writes poetry, and loves his pet springer spaniel, Whitten.


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Dominos delivery guy crashes Legion of Boom photo shoot


For a 20-year-old pizza shop employee, this was 10 of the best minutes of his life.

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Babies going through tunnels


You have to see these kids react to the magic of underground transportation.

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Tom Petty has ‘no hard feelings’ toward Sam Smith


The rocker graciously chalks up the similarities between "I Won't Back Down" and "Stay With Me" to a "musical accident."

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Porcupine predicts Super Bowl winner


He's been right the last three years. Can Teddy Bear the porcupine go four-for-four?